Surprise Crochet Sweaters For Baby LA-5565

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LEISURE ARTS-Surprise Crochet Sweaters for Baby. Exciting news! Darla Sims has created a crochet version of Elizabeth Zimmermann's classic knitted Baby Surprise Jacket--and she's added lots of fun variations! Now you can crochet a surprise sweater and add stripes; ruffles; a hood; a collar; or other sweet details. Like the original Baby Surprise Jacket; the crochet pattern is worked in one easy piece; then folded and quickly stitched to create its final shape. These 8 darling cardigans can be crocheted in sizes 6-; 12-; and 24-; months; using medium weight yarn: Basic Sweater; Hooded Sweater; Ruffled Sweater; Bobbled Sweater; Picot Sweater; Ribbed Collar Sweater; and Basic Buttoned Sweater.

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